Why anxiety comes with a shit load of symptoms?

From what I have understood, anxiety is just our body trying to politely say “Stop. I’m tired”.

We usually don’t care about how our body feels unless it’s really on surface level like a wound or an intense pain. When it comes to overworking our mind, it gives out this same message not through wounds or pains but through feelings and emotions. When we fail to notice these too and continue to bombard and analyse thoughts and feelings (which should have been fine in time if we had left them in peace), we enter the world of Intense Anxiety with a bunch of symptoms that feel too fucked up.

The funny thing is that we don’t enter this intense anxiety because we can’t get out. We enter because we think we are trying to get out when we are ‘trying’ to get out. You get me? I know that’s a really hard thing to wrap your head around.

So now we’re having tea with physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Don’t be the waiter and don’t pour more tea by trying to figure out your symptoms. Just let them drink their own shitty tea and once they’re finished with their tea they’ll leave provided you don’t pour more by not analysing your thoughts and feelings and symptoms. Just let everything be as it is. You can of course drink your own tea and go about with your everyday life and not care about other temporary guests. In time the guests will leave and you can have your home back to yourself.


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