Before I ramble on about anxiety symptoms I want to put out two things in front of you. First one is that if you experience some of the symptoms I am going to list down below and you are anxious then you certainly have intense anxiety (I would also recommend you to go get checked by your doctor just to be super sure). Second thing I want to say is no matter how many symptoms you have or whatever weird symptoms you have, I promise you (cause I have been in your shoes) that you can recover from this nightmare.

Each one of us is different so our symptoms vary from person to person. So whatever symptoms I had may not be the ones you’re having or you may have all of my symptoms plus a myriad others or you may have only few of my symptoms. Hope you get what I’m saying. The only thing to remember is that you will recover once you stop fighting it. Symptoms hate to be ignored. By ignoring I don’t mean that you force yourself to forget your symptom or try to get rid of it. Ignoring in this context means you should stop caring. Just start building an attitude of I don’t care.

Here are the symptoms I had –

Now I don’t have all of these symptoms continuously or anything. It comes and goes. There are days when I hardly have three of those symptoms and there are other days when I have all of them. The number of symptoms start to lessen once you start easing your anxiety by letting everything be as it is.

Of all the symptoms I have listed the one that lasted for a long time was the headache one (I will do another post on that). These are the symptoms I had but don’t make it a big deal if you have or don’t have many of these or if you have got some of the ones I haven’t listed. The symptoms are dependent on the people. As I have told you before anxiety just wants us to stop whatever we are doing that’s hurting us, it may be a thought or feeling we’re holding on to. To deliver this message it will take the form of symptoms to get our attention and what knocks some sense in you may not do its job in me. So the Knocking Symptoms differ with individuals. But it all comes down to us receiving the message and stop fighting by ignoring these symptoms altogether.


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