Panic Attack. 

Panic attack or anxiety attack is the release of adrenaline through your body. What scares most people is that these panic attacks seem to come out of the blue and apparently for no reason too. It is said that these attacks are usually the body trying to find an outlet to release some suppressed emotions. Hence the panic attacks may or may not need any triggers. They seem to come to you out of nowhere.

Panic attacks are usually accompanied by racing heart, hyperventilation, rush of intense energy and adrenaline inside your body, feeling like you can’t breathe, feeling like you’re having heart attack  or going to die, feeling like something want to escape from your body and much more. Here is a link if you want to know more about it.

I don’t remember the many anxiety attacks I had during the first time I got anxiety because I always thought they were the result of anxious thinking. But I distinctly remember the panic attack I had some where in September 2016 when I had completely recovered from anxiety and didn’t have any symptoms of it for 3 years.

So it happened something like this – after school I decided to take a shower as usual and I used to take my phone with me to enjoy music with shower (I know that sounds weird but I like it). So I was scrolling through my player wondering which album to put on. Usually when I scroll some album or other will catch my attention and I will go with it but today something was off. I didn’t even feel like hearing Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood. Now I was feeling really down from some kind of external force so I put on Rush of the Blood to the Head by Coldplay. I turned on the shower and there I was feeling shitty like I never been. Something inside me was rising racing my heart. Something was trying to escape. There is no physical pain only emotional pain. I wanted to cry but I knew it was a panic attack and it won’t last long. So I just stood under the shower accepting all the feelings and sensations. By the time Green Eyes was playing, it had died down and something in me felt peaceful and at ease.

I had no idea why it happened but let me tell you something I was full on bliss and peace after the attack and it only lasted that few minutes. After that I was back to normal. They usually don’t last longer than few minutes. I believe that it’s just bottled up emotions trying to come out of an outlet. It doesn’t do any damage to our body and in retrospect is actually good for your body. But it is bewildering when it comes out of the blue but somethings are best left to run their course.


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