The simple LIFE.

I have recently discovered the simplicity of our life. Often times we complicate our life in our minds, which is not so in reality. Reality is far different from any construction in our minds. Our ability to distinguish between this and the audacity to accept the present moment is the only thing needed to live a simple life.

A simple life never means that you need to compromise your possessions and wealth for a life of monk. Nor does it mean that you have to embark on a chosen path and throw away your wishes and dreams. If you’re going to be swept away by the currents of your mind made reality then your life will be complicated no matter how you are leading your life. If you heed every useless and repetitive thoughts of the mind then it won’t matter whether you’re a hermit or a businessman​. You will simply have a complicated life.

Some people won’t even understand what I’m talking about because they’re so busy living inside their mind making peace with each and every thought that hovers over even for the briefest of the moment. When you point this out to them they may turn aggressive. I was once in this exact place but when I look back, I see how many hours and days I’ve wasted in endless chatter when there was nothing I could do to change the matter.

The ‘dysfunction’ of our minds, as Eckhart Tolle says, is that we either live in the past or in the future but never or rarely in the present. This is because our minds like to have a familiarity over things. Past and future sounds familiar because both are simply constructions of our minds as memories, planning, recollections, thinking and thoughts. The present is unplanned and thus unpleasant according to the mind. But the mind escapes this fact that hidden amongst this ‘unpleasantness’ is a life of absolute beauty. Here in this present moment we can live peacefully when we accept the ‘done’ past and ‘unpredictable’ future. Here in the present moment we can simply BE.


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