Past, Present and Future.

The three tenses that literally rule our life has more to it than what is believed to be. These three words create time. Past gave us a yesterday. Future will give a tomorrow and the Present gives us a today. When we take a closer look we can see that there is only Present, in fact, there is no Past or Future. There will never be a Past or Future because everything happens here in the NOW.

From the vantage point of Present, we have a ‘done’ Past and an ‘unpredictable’ Future. So it is insane to dwell in the Past where things have already happened and in Future which we could never comprehend. So what is the saner alternative?

Being present seems like the only option but it’s always a choice. It’s a choiceless choice because of our obsession with our minds. Whether we like it or not, each of us is unconsciously run by the mind where we are never present but either brooding about the past or planning for the future.

Our mind is conditioned to run this way, finding shortcomings in the past and imagining a future full of mind made happiness and peace. The good news is that we can break from this conditioning with another conditioning. Our minds like conditioning. It does all its functions with the conditioning. It’s how we are efficient because we can use conditioning and habit to breakdown large chunks of jobs to work faster without much processing. Well, this kind of conditioning helps us but the mind never knows which is ‘this’ kind of conditioning. That’s where our mind’s dysfunction is most clearly seen. Like every other habit you can create new habit with the way in which you perceive the external reality. In other words, you change the way you perceive the external world by changing the inner world. Sounds simple but it is not. Just like any other new habit it may be frustrating at first but once you stick to it, it will reward you beyond words. Accepting the past and future fully to be present in the now is the only true way to live without suffering. I know this sounds cliché and even tacky but think about it. Why worry about something which you can’t change? What if, for a change we accept it and move on to make the present better than the yesterday? For obvious reasons, for some it may sound cheesy and overly put while for others this may sound impossible. Do you even have an alternative? For me it is far most the sanest ‘choiceless choice’.


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