To be Vegan or not to be?

Veganism is something that’s increasingly becoming more popular in the West. It’s a topic that has faced many opinions and contradictions on the basis of ethics, morality, ecosystem, ecological balance and environmental conservation. Being a vegan or non vegetarian doesn’t define your identity. You could be a vegan and be a bad person and vice versa as any young child might even know. This post is all about my subjective view written as objectively as possible. This post is not to criticise any opinion so high five even if you’re vegan or non vegetarian.

So what I’ve found is that most of the vegans become vegans for ethical reasons where they’re against eating animals which of course has to do with killing animals. They say animals have equal rights as Humans so how can we kill them. It’s not ethically​ right, right? So I too came around this dilemma of what to follow. Which is right? Which is wrong? I even got to a point where I felt anxious about my whole meat/fish/animal related diet.

The whole deal really comes down to one simple question. Are you fine with your current diet? Let’s remove the ethical and moral significance of our diet. Just the question is Is your body going to be fine without animal products? Can your body be healthy with just vegan foods? For most of us that question’s answer may be No. This is fine because human beings are omnivores by nature. Our body needs all kinds of food to keep it healthy.

If the answer ​is Yes then voilà there you have it no need to eat animals anymore. For those who may be obese or for those that the doctor’s​ have gave you a diet to follow, follow that. So that’s solved for those bodies that can be healthy even without meat thing.

What about the No guys. What if you guys are like me, need to eat animal products but morally concerned. You guys should keep in mind that there’s nothing morally right or wrong here. You need food to sustain your body and keep it healthy. The moral insignificance will hit you once you take a closer look at the nature.

The tiger kills the gazelle for food. Now you may contradict this by saying that Tigers are carnivores, their only food is gazelle. Okay but did you know that human beings aren’t the only omnivores out there. There are other animals who eat both plants and animals. They could have just stuck to eating plants but nope their bodies need both kinds of food. This is the same with us humans, we too need both kinds of food. So there’s no question of morality there’s only what’s essential for your body.

Another thing I would like to state philosophically is that there isn’t Life without death. Each of our cells have died many times being replaced by new ones to keep us going. Animals and plants die to maintain the ecosystem. For food we always will have to kill. Even the so called plants that we say are morally right to eat are dead in a way. Once we pick a fruit or vegetable off the plant they’re just as lifeless as any other animal. So personally, I think killing for survival is natural and it’s supposed to be that way. But you can of course go with your body’s needs because after all we eat to keep our body healthy.


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