Anxiety Zone

If you’re in a deep shit of anxiety where you feel almost every physical symptoms which leave you feeling mentally drained for days and months then you most likely will experience this thing I like to call Anxiety Zone. Your current state of anxiety with a particular event or thought may feel overwhelming as it is with its own toll of mental strain on your nerves. Once you settle down with your anxious thought by not analysing it and by not feeding it further, it naturally dies down. Here happens the interesting thing.

You may be done with your thoughts that produced so much anxiety but your body may not be. You body being strained by continuous anxious thinking for days and months have given your nerves a hard time. Your nerves take a great deal of time to recover. They’re slow and that’s the main reason for your headaches to stay a little longer even when you’re done with your thoughts. So these already tired nerves may start being anxious for the slightest of reasons. This is what I call Anxiety Zone.

Though it may sound scary your Anxiety Zone is actually a solid sign that you’re recovering. It may not be comfortable or pleasant because you may find things that you tolerated when you were good causing havoc and great deal of anxiety now. You just need to understand that this is just you being in your Anxiety Zone and that it’ll eventually be back to normal.

When you’re in your Anxiety Zone, you may start questioning why you’re anxious for stupid and simple things which never bothered you back then. It may be simple things as a car honking a tad bit louder or a baby crying. You get the idea. At times like this you must remember two things. First one- do not go on exploring the trigger because you won’t understand why you felt anxious in the first place because it isn’t something that you need to solve, it’s just your tired nerves playing games because they’re fucking tired. It’s like a person who is heavily drunk or sedated; they tend to have hallucinations. It’s normal because you’re just tired. In the case of anxiety, your body may or may not be tired but your nerves are for sure.


Second thing you need to remember is that if you indulge your triggers and analyse them in the hopes of solving a ‘tired nerve’ problem then you may end up creating more anxiety as you obviously won’t find a closure or solution to whatever you’re searching. And this build up of more anxiety will drag you back into the vicious cycle which made your nerves tired in the first place.

I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of fucking paradox is this?” Sorry but that’s the way our minds work. We just need to let everything be. You don’t have to work things out and you definitely don’t have to analyse. Things (thoughts and feelings) have a way of working themselves out if we don’t interfere with them. So I would suggest you take a deep breath and ride the waves, eventually you’ll learn to surf with ease and you’ll be back on the shore feeling calmer and peaceful than before.



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