What to do when you have Anxiety?

Anxiety is a bad bitch in itself but she ain’t here to hurt you. She always brings a message with her and it’s usually “Stop overthinking. It’s hurting”. Often times, anxiety comes with a shit load of symptoms and now we think our new job is to analyse why we are having these symptoms which are here because we didn’t heed the early anxious calls. Now through these symptoms anxiety is begging us to stop whatever that’s hurting us and that’s obviously overthinking. Anxiety is body’s way of signalling that we’re being sucked into endless mind chatter comprising of Past and Future but no Presence in the Present moment.

Here’s a list of things you can do to ease your anxiety.

  1. Stop overthinking -Whatever thought you’re anxious about make peace with it. If it’s something that happened in the past, accept it as it is and take it as an experience or lesson learnt and let go. If it’s your mind made future view then know that it’s not the reality, it’s just your mind making up stuffs. If it’s something you can change, change it. If not, accept it.
  2. Don’t keep on indulging -The anxious thought will come again and again. The key is ignorance. The more attention you give the thought the more it’ll grow. Don’t push it either just let it be there without analysing it.
  3. Letting everything be -Anxiety comes with a myriad of symptoms so instead of worrying about everything you just need to ride it out.
  4. Eat healthy foodsFood changes may occur with anxiety. Be sure to have a good diet which includes fruits, veggies and lots of water.
  5. Understand what you are experiencing -Great deal of anxiety dies down when you understand how anxiety works and know more about your symptoms that comes with it.
  6. Check out reliable Anxiety blogs -I would recommend you to check out Paul David’s “Anxiety No More” It covers almost everything so you don’t have to go looking for other blogs.
  7. Read books -Reading books can help take your mind off you constant thinking into the story. This gives your mind a break from your mental chatter and gives something else to think about. You can also check out Paul’s book on anxiety ‘At Last a Life‘.
  8. Spend more time outdoors -This could be gardening, sitting outside, playing or even reading outdoors. Just remember to fully engage in what you’re doing instead of being inside your head. If you’re sitting simply then sit simply, make sure that you don’t get sucked into unwise thinking. If you are distracted into thinking simply return to the moment by bringing your attention to the surroundings.
  9. Socialise -As hard as it may seem, it’s important that you have a normal lifestyle. The more normal life you pack in the faster you will recover as you’re not escaping people and places in the name of anxiety.
  10. Listen to your favourite songs and watch your favourite movies.
  11. Have somebody to talk to -Let it be a person to whom you can confide everything without having the fear of being judged.
  12. Do some kind of exercise like meditation, yoga, running or walking. They can burn out your excessive adrenaline leaving you feeling less anxious.
  13. Stop surfing forums on anxiety as they don’t provide anything useful and may leave you feeling like this is something that’s going to be with you for the rest of the life. Instead keep reading the articles on Anxiety No More site.
  14. Trust the process of recovery -Understand the fact that recovery will take time and is an up and down affair. Someday you’ll feel very close to recovery and next day you may feel far removed from it. It’s just the process of recovery and you have to trust it.

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