The two faces of Existential Anxiety

One of the most insane things about human beings is that we live mechanically, with inputs fed by our parents, society, religion, media and even government. We human beings float through life like a machine doing something or the other with a sense of achieving a state of happiness through the means of materialistic world. Only few individuals have the mind to look outside this limited view and question their beliefs and position in this world. Some of them are forced to take a look at the devastating state of life they have been living while some rare ones ponder over the same on their own. Nonetheless, both of them are considered to be insane by the society, which is remotely far from being sane, for having broadened their vision consciously and to have stepped outside the unconscious borders of human mind.

Existential Anxiety is one of the significant signs that you’re dissatisfied with your current state of living where your mind is your master. It’s not a sign of weakness but a sign of rising sanity in an insane world which we call normal. It is a sign of arising consciousness into your unconscious life.

There are two faces, as I like to call it, for Existential Anxiety. The first one is the fear of death and is the most common form of existential Anxiety. Because it’s the most common, it’s also the easiest to hide. ‘Hidden’ is a term which refers to something not visible. Our fear of death will be hidden from others because we don’t want them to know that we’re scared or in other words our mind doesn’t want anyone to know we’re scared. For it, it uses relationships, money, achievements and power to camouflage this terrorising fear. Thus, in the eyes of others this fear is successfully hidden. But it’s never hidden in the mind, it’s always repressed. To repress is to resist and what you resist will persist. So this charade of hiding goes on in our life till our deathbed. Believe it or not we have been living in a state of unconscious repressed fear that begs to come to the surface and be let go. To let go you must accept the impermanent nature of human existence. By accepting, our mortal life becomes precious and a beautiful conscious experience of being.

The second face of existential anxiety is that which questions our very existence and is usually succeeded by our fear of death. Once we conquer our fear of death we are faced with the question of our very existence. This is where it turns really philosophical. I did a detailed post on this one. You can read all about it here. If you’re ready to ask this question I would highly recommend you to read Eckhart Tolle’ “Power of Now” and “A New Earth”.

Whatever the face of existential anxiety be, the real Being in this world is the arising of consciousness where our thinking separates from awareness. Existential questions are afterall thoughts trying to take us away from our precious present. When we accept these questions and live in the present where we will discover that our very Being is calm, serene and happy needing nothing to complete itself. Not even an answer because our being never needs answer. It’s always our mind that needs an answer and we’re not our mind. We’re the Being -the consciousness itself.


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