Easing yourself in Chaos.

Lately things haven’t been quite bright and clear like they used to be. I feel like I’m in chaos and I cannot pinpoint what it is that seems so chaotic to me. It feels like everything is lying broken around me while I’m standing quite in the middle not knowing what to do. My emotions… Continue reading Easing yourself in Chaos.

3 Books to Spirituality.

In this post, I’m gonna talk about why reading is essential especially when you’re beginning your spiritual path and I’ll also recommend you 3 books which helped me immensely in starting my own path. Reading is a habit which each one of us can cultivate if we put a little bit of hard work. I… Continue reading 3 Books to Spirituality.

Is Spirituality just for Monks?

Happy New Year beautiful souls.. 🙂 Here is a compilation post of all my favourite posts I did last year. So this New Year I wanna kickstart by telling something which most of us what to hear and some of us don’t want to hear. Spirituality is not just for monks. It’s a fact. It’s a… Continue reading Is Spirituality just for Monks?

The ever present choice.

Our Life, seen through the veil of unconsciousness, is a disastrous mess. No matter what we do to make ourselves happy we never get what we want. We’re always haunted by our past- past actions that we regret, decisions that we wish we could change, promises that were broken and a never ending struggle to… Continue reading The ever present choice.

Swinging between Letting Go.

On the path to acceptance and letting go, we are actually moving forward in our Spiritual Awakening. But some days it just feels like you’re back to square one and you feel like your mind is just not ready to accept the things you used to accept easily. Then you start doubting your whole path… Continue reading Swinging between Letting Go.