Tension Headaches. 

In the post Headaches I mentioned the two headaches and how they are different from each other. Tension Headaches, as they are called, are definitely associated with some form of anxiety or tension. Their onset is the result of anxious thinking. Tension Headaches don’t just bring you a dull headache, they are accompanied by few… Continue reading Tension Headaches. 


I have mentioned this one in the post about Hyper-awareness as it is often confused with this. Hyper-awareness is just perception with intense awareness. Depersonalisation (also called Derealisation) on the other hand is a feeling of detachment or disconnection from the surrounding. Depersonalisation is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and is also one… Continue reading Depersonalisation. 


Before I ramble on about anxiety symptoms I want to put out two things in front of you. First one is that if you experience some of the symptoms I am going to list down below and you are anxious then you certainly have intense anxiety (I would also recommend you to go get checked by… Continue reading Symptoms.