What to do when you have Anxiety?

Anxiety is a bad bitch in itself but she ain’t here to hurt you. She always brings a message with her and it’s usually “Stop overthinking. It’s hurting”. Often times, anxiety comes with a shit load of symptoms and now we think our new job is to analyse why we are having these symptoms which… Continue reading What to do when you have Anxiety?


I have mentioned this one in the post about Hyper-awareness as it is often confused with this. Hyper-awareness is just perception with intense awareness. Depersonalisation (also called Derealisation) on the other hand is a feeling of detachment or disconnection from the surrounding. Depersonalisation is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and is also one… Continue reading Depersonalisation. 


Before I ramble on about anxiety symptoms I want to put out two things in front of you. First one is that if you experience some of the symptoms I am going to list down below and you are anxious then you certainly have intense anxiety (I would also recommend you to go get checked by… Continue reading Symptoms. 


This physical/mental symptom (I’m not sure where I should put it) is also a part of anxiety and is often confused with Depersonalisation. Hyper-awareness as the name suggests is being intensely aware of everything you perceive and do. This, for me, is a symptom that hardly lasts for more that 30 seconds. It’s like you… Continue reading Hyper-awareness.